Lab Coats


Lab Coats

Made with 80/20 Poly Cotton Twill Fabric
Notched Lapel
Long Sleeve
Back slit
2 x Waist pocket
1 x Chest pocket
Available in Various colours

lab coats

Laboratory Coat Uses

Provide protection of skin and personal clothing from incidental contact and small splashes. Prevent the spread of contamination outside the lab (provided they are not worn outside the lab.) Provide a removable barrier in the event of an incident involving a spill or splash of hazardous substances.

Why do doctors wear lab coats?
The tradition began in the late 1800s, when trained surgeons, followed by physicians not too long thereafter, began wearing white lab coats as a way to distinguish themselves from the fraudulent health care providers who those attempting to pawn off miracle cures and did not practice traditional, evidence-based