Tena Proskin Flex Plus (3x30pcs)


It features a unique Air Dry Layer which allows air, not fluid, to circulate. This helps to promote better skin integrity for the user, the new and improved cloth-like covering also improves comfort. This item is suitable for moderate to heavy urinary and fecal incontinence. This easy-to-fit belted brief requires minimal effort to connect and no extra fixation is necessary. The pad section can be released and refastened at any point, without having to re-adjust the whole product. This means it is the ideal product for when normal toilet use is a possibility. The waist is elasticated for a snug, body-close fit. With Twin Core technology for rapid absorption of any accidents and a Stay-Dry Layer to keep liquids separate away from the body, the user can continue to wear this product after multiple incontinence accidents.


No of Packs in case: 3

Tena Proskin Flex Plus (3x30pcs)



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